1. Account setup


MyWebToolbox Overview

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY: After your account is created you will gain access to 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, of phone support from a U.S. based call center. 

  1. Log into your Website Toolbox  "Create an Account" page

This is the starting point to create your private MyWebToolbox.net account.

a) Fill in the Following Setup Fields

Email Field

Use an existing email you can be notified with during the process and in the future.

Username Field

This is a unique name which will be your login in the future.

Password Field

Resist using simple passwords.  Use something that will be IMPOSSIBLE to guess but you can still remember.

Click "Create Account"

When the form is complete

b) Email Confirmation Sent

When fields are set up correctly and the "Create Account" button is pressed, watch your email inbox for the Confirmation.  Click the email "Sign In to Get Started" link.

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