Create my Workspace Email and Use it


Your Workspace Control Center will open up in a new window.  Once you are logged in you can use this page in parallel to navigate through the email setup process. 


Create Your Email Account

This is your professional business email that will be tied into your website domain name

Then enter the email account name and confirm the passwords

This will also be your login credentials for Web Mail (below)


Enter Email Address & Credentials

This is what you will use to log into to your Webmail account and also your desktop, laptop or mobile device email program.

Now you can use webmail


Log In


  1. Go to Webmail account. (We recommend bookmarking this sign-in page.)
  2. Enter your Workspace Email address and Password. (Your Web Solutions - My Toolbox username and password won't work here.)
  3.  Click Sign In to open Webmail and see your email inbox. 

                 See the Webmail WORKSPACE below.


Workspace Email Help

Visit our comprehensive help system for further details